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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), is a group of committed and diligent individuals who work for the progress and development in the domains of Science and technology for humanity. IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization and provides a conglomerated consortium for the plethora of technological advancements all across the world. It aims to cluster the multitude of developments in the field of science under a single entity.

IEEE focuses on bringing forth the prime cerebral pursuits of accomplished individuals who endeavor to make a positive change through their research. IEEE strives to emulate the accessibility and ubiquity of technology for the betterment of humanity and aims to keep in stride with the ever dynamically expanding world. IEEE also essays to enrich and nurture bright young minds to achieve beyond ordinary and explore the unexplored.

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IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization. It is dedicated to the advancement of technology for the betterment of humanity. Its core purpose is to foster the technological innovation and excellence. Believing in the same ideology and to carry this envisioned purpose, IEEE MANIT Student Branch ventures to be conducive and works assiduously towards achieving its goal. IEEE MSB is the only renowned branch of central India, Madhya Pradesh region. Having received prestigious accolades, including, the Darrel Chong medal, twice, one being gold, IEEE MANIT Student Branch has proven its mettle and prowess to be one of the most hardworking branches in the Asia Pacific Region and has successfully secured a position amongst the other IEEE branches.

IEEE MSB endeavours to promote awareness among students regarding the opportunities that exist in the field of computer science, electronics and electrical engineering. It aims to provide an interactive platform for students to develop their professional and technical abilities. Since its inception, it has been at the helm directing and promoting technical expertise by organizing various events all-round the year with a well-defined objective of bridging the gap between industry and students, while promoting and providing an intellectually stimulating environment for all the students. It is the team's efforts and dexterity that has led it to the pinnacle of success. It believes to set a benchmark every time and strive to achieve it with full rigour, efforts, hard work, and diligence.

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The Institute is successfully meeting the objective of producing skilled Technocrats of the highest quality who are able to take up the challenges of the industries and Research organizations of the country. MANIT offers various undergraduate and post graduate courses and research programs. This section covers all the information related to academic rules and connectivity to MANIT Bhopal

Under the peaceful and friendly environment, MANIT producing technocrats who are resources to Nation and the world. Our bright students with excellent technical skills have always been contributed to the successes of various sections towards the technical group.

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IEEE Region 10

IEEE an institute of like-minded individuals, who harmoniously concord on the ideology of technological innovations and incessant growth in technology and sciences for betterment of humanity , is a worldwide umbrella organization. Divided into 10 proliferating regions, IEEE encompasses the whole world.

One such region is the Asia Pacific region or R10, which geographically spans the whole of Southeast Asia and the continent of Oceania. India comes under this region. The headquarters for the R10 region is located in Singapore and was established on 4th January 1994. The Asia Pacific region seeks to bridge the gap arising due to diversified geographies between its member countries and aims to be the most vibrant of all the 10 regions.

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IEEE Bombay Section

IEEE in our country is a proliferating labyrinthine network of members, colleges and universities, divided into regions, unified by a unanimous intention.

India is fragmented into 11 IEEE sections which are further divided into subsections, for optimum functioning. Bombay section is one the most dynamic sections of our country and works efficaciously towards the constructive growth of its members.

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IEEE MP - Subsection

Formed under the Bombay Section, in the year 2001, under the able guidance of Dr. S. Kher of Indore, IEEE MP Subsection is being currently chaired by Dr. N.S. Chaudhari. Established with the aim of enhancing the nexus between professional members and student members within the state of Madhya Pradesh, IEEE MP Subsection is committed to the advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

Universities and Colleges under the MP subsection, work dedicatedly to accomplish their objectives of improving the availability of newly discovered technology and the ubiquity of resources. They also diligently advocate the field of research and development, thereby refining the standards and urging more people to be inclined towards this domain.