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'Knowledge shared is knowledge squared”

AARAMBH, as we all know is a Sanskrit word. It means “to begin”,it signifies the inception of something.

It is often the case where children hailing from under privileged sections of the society are encountered with the obscurityof how to step into the technologically proliferating world.It is this quandary of “how to begin” that presents itself as the prime impediment.

AARAMBH endeavours to bridge the chasm between the under privileged and their access and understanding of science, arising due to economic limitations.

It is a social initiative, organised by IEEE MSB, that focuses on encompassing a large number of students across numerous under -resourced schools and acquainting them with the tantalizing mysteries of the world of science. The sole purpose of this event is to instigate an inquisitiveness in the young minds and to introduce them, the wonders that science and technology can achieve.


Commemorating the role of women in the fields of sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics and elevating their contribution in these domains by catering to their needs, providing them with opportunities and felicitating the meritorious, IEEE celebrates the eternal legacy of the women’s role in engineering by organizingan event called WIE. The paramount aim of WIE is exalting the role of women in engineering.

IEEE MSB every year orchestrates an event “SAMWAD“ under WIE, to realize the indomitable spirit of women and to praise and promote their significant contribution.

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SRAJAN is a biennial case study event organized by IEEE MSB.With the tagline - Ideate | | Innovate | | Create , the principal directive of SRAJAN, is to bring to light the technological innovations that have the potential to resolve the simple quotidian problemsand to cherish these ideas. The event lures young trailblazers and gives them a National Level platform to their innovations.

SRAJAN also witnesses a guest lecture series, where prominent personalities from across the world, enlighten the audience with their illuminating thoughts.


Our country though it produces bright young minds is never able to keep the scintillating flame of inquisitiveness glimmering. The event SCEECS is one such effort to revamp this situation. The reason for organizing SCEECS is to keep alive the blazing inferno of curiosity in the ignited young minds of our nation.

To instil the importance of research and to encourage the people to pursue this particular field,IEEE MSB organizes a biennial event called SCEECS.

The event lures young trailblazers from across the nation and provides them with an opportunity and a platform to showcase their brilliance, through an a established procedure . It is an ebullient coalescence of technical workshops and guest lectures by prominent personalities and a conference. The main directive of the event is the research paper conference, with a prime objective to create an environment that facilitates research work and promotes researches for the development of our country.

This conference helps to publish research papers on IEEE Xplore (congregation of research papers published by scholars from all around the world over several years), providing the people with a plethora from which their research could be well accessed by anyone in the world. IEEE Xlpore acts as an user friendly interface which provides information about any relevant topic at just one finger's click. The papers published through this conference are conveniently available and accessible. Had the papers not been published the world could have been deprived of important research. Felicitating the work , publishing it and uploading it on the world wide web, making it more accessible and portable to anyone in the world is what the conference is about.

SCCEECS has witnessed a multitude of prominent speakers including Sir David Grinspoon( a NASA scientist) , Sir H.C. Verma , Sir David Meltzer and many more

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