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SCEECS is organised annually by IEEE-MSB with an aim of keeping alive the blazing inferno of curiosity in the ignited young minds of our nation. This event not only instil the importance of research but also encourages people to pursue the science and technology field. SCCEECS has witnessed a multitude of prominent speakers including Sir Love Babbar (Founder of CodeHelp), Sir Sanjeev Somasundaram (a Director,Talent Acquisition at Google), Sir David Grinspoon (a NASA Scientist), Sir H.C. Verma, Sir David Meltzer and many more

  • Research paper conferences.
  • Guest lectures.
  • Diverse workshops.

Our country though it produces bright young minds is never able to keep the scintillating flame of inquisitiveness glimmering. The event SCEECS is one such effort to revamp this situation. The reason for organizing SCEECS is to keep alive the blazing inferno of curiosity in the ignited young minds of our nation.

To instil the importance of research and to encourage the people to pursue this particular field,IEEE MSB organizes a biennial event called SCEECS.

The event lures young trailblazers from across the nation and provides them with an opportunity and a platform to showcase their brilliance, through an a established procedure . It is an ebullient coalescence of technical workshops and guest lectures by prominent personalities and a conference. The main directive of the event is the research paper conference, with a prime objective to create an environment that facilitates research work and promotes researches for the development of our country.

This conference helps to publish research papers on IEEE Xplore (congregation of research papers published by scholars from all around the world over several years), providing the people with a plethora from which their research could be well accessed by anyone in the world. IEEE Xlpore acts as an user friendly interface which provides information about any relevant topic at just one finger's click. The papers published through this conference are conveniently available and accessible. Had the papers not been published the world could have been deprived of important research. Felicitating the work , publishing it and uploading it on the world wide web, making it more accessible and portable to anyone in the world is what the conference is about.

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Let us enlighten you

Past Speakers of SCEECS

Lakshay Kumar

Co-Founder of CodeHelp

Pushyamitra Bhargav

Additional Advocate General, Indore Bench (MP Govt)

Subhash Khare

Ex-Vice-President of Wipro

Sunil K. Prasad

Chief Technology Officer at Leidos

Tomy Sebastian

Director, Motor Drive Systems at Halla Mechatronics