Aarambh is a social initiative, organized by IEEE MSB, that focuses on encompassing a large number of students across numerous poverty stricken under-resourced schools for acquainting them with the tantalizing mysteries of the world of science. The sole purpose of this event is to instigate an inquisitiveness in the young minds and to introduce them with the wonders, science and technology world can achieve.

  • "Knowledge shared is knowledge squared”
  • AARAMBH, as we all know is a Sanskrit word.
  • It means “to begin”,it signifies the inception of something.

It is often the case where children hailing from under privileged sections of the society are encountered with the obscurityof how to step into the technologically proliferating world.It is this quandary of “how to begin” that presents itself as the prime impediment.

Our social initiative, AARAMBH, revolves around the idea of "Education for All, Hope for the Future." We believe that real change happens when we strengthen the foundations of our society, and that begins with our children.

Through this event, we aspire to cultivate a generation well-equipped with technological innovation skills, enabling them to become agents of change in their communities.

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